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JM Engineering is highly qualified, experienced and equipped to provide services in the following three areas:

Engineering Services

Engineering Services

JM Engineering has a high degree of mechanical, electrical and civil engineering experience and knowledge. Professional engineering services include:

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Traffic and Transportation Engineering

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems Engineering

  • Electronic Toll Collection Systems Engineering

  • Wireless/Fiber Communications Networking

  • Design, Installation and Maintenance

Engineering Services
Facility Maintenance

Facility Maintenance

Facility maintenance services include corrective and preventative maintenance, new systems installation/upgrades and service calls on a 24/7 on-call basis. Facility maintenance services cover electrical, mechanical, HVAC, plumbing, lighting, power generators, UPS, elevators, fire protection, fire suppression systems and high pressure washing. The services cover complete preventative and corrective maintenance services and work order management through maintenance online management system software (MOMS). Corrective maintenance services are provided on a 24/7 on-call basis. Additional services include site assessments, maintenance documentation, equipment inventory and tracking and reporting of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

  • Electrical systems including power distribution

  • Lighting systems including parking and street

  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

  • Power Generators

  • Work Order Management

Facility Maintenance Services
Generator Services

Generator Services

As a Generac, Kohler and Cummins Authorized Service Dealer, JM Engineering installs, repairs and maintains residential, commercial and industrial generators up to 150 kW in size. Services include preventative and corrective maintenance, installation, warranty repairs and systems integration.

  • Generac Authorized Service Dealer

  • Kohler Authorized Service Dealer

  • Cummins Authorized Service Dealer

  • New Installations

  • System Upgrades

  • Warranty Repairs

  • Corrective and Preventative Maintenance Services

Generator Services
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